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What We Offer

Employment Marketing provides job seekers with a personalized campaign to develop advantages and provide researched opportunities in seeking new employment.

Employment – Steps to Success

Phase 1: Product Identification

You are not alone. Senior executives, accomplished managers and experienced professionals find it hard to initiate a job search. The first step to any job campaign is to identify every marketable asset you possess.

Our Career Analysis Profile Questionnaire provides information that gives us insight into your knowledge, experiences, and interests.

You may complete this unique questionnaire electronically or manually at your own pace in your own home.

By fully answering the questions, you will begin to learn a great deal about yourself and your potential.

Phase 2 : Developing Your Customized Marketing Strategy

If you are at a career transition point you need to consider all of your options including advanced positions in your field, possible moves into new careers, frontier industries, entrepreneurial situations, and growth opportunities.

This phase of our work both broadens and enlightens the view you may have of your career path.

Our service is particularly effective if you are:

• Moving from government, education and the military to the business sector.

• Leaving a traditional industry, to move into light manufacturing, distribution, financial services or hundreds of newer and faster growing areas.

• Experiencing difficulty in setting career direction and industry focus.

Our consultants will show you how to make these transitions more easily and more realistically. They work with you each step of the way.

We assess your marketability and income potential

If you are unsure of your marketability and income potential, you may underestimate your value and not consider positions with more exciting financial rewards. The result can often block longer-term career growth.

We do a careful assessment of your marketability and income potential to make sure you make the most with what you have to offer.

We also analyze your liabilities, such as unemployment, frequent job changes, location, age, education, slow career progression, single industry/company experience, and too much generalist or specialist knowledge and experience.

We have pioneered unique methods to compensate for all liabilities and we show you how to turn them into assets

We recommend specific job search goals

We consider all possible employment alternatives while completing your marketability assessment and zero in on the areas most appropriate for maximum career advancement.

We develop your campaign action plan for generating interviews

We review your personal goals, marketability and opportunity areas and lay out a step-by-step Campaign Action Plan identifying 7 to 10 different channels for producing interviews.


We will develop a complete interviewing strategy

Interviewing is the heart and soul of a job search and everything you do to get an interview is wasted if you do not convert it to a job offer.

Do you have many hours a day to prepare? Do you have a research company to provide information? Without these resources you run the risk of, not talking to the right person and not saying the right things.

Development of superior interviewing skill requires knowledge and practice. Once you secure an interview, your eventual success is 20% credentials and 80% personal presentation skills.

Our interview preparation work is similar to that of a political campaign. We lay out your plan, we provide you with a strategy to master the whole personal selling process.

We prepare your negotiation strategy

Millions of dollars of income are left on negotiating tables because people do not know how to negotiate on their own behalf. Today’s employment packages are complex so we equip you with a personal negotiation strategy. It includes our techniques for negotiating income based on your worth rather than past earnings, what should be negotiated, and how to secure the highest possible compensation package.

We may advise you against accepting the initial offer or “ultimatum” that comes along and encourage you to rely on our research-based approach to consider two or three possibilities. The results can be astonishing, and winning just a few more thousand dollars now can easily add up to $100,000, $200,000 or more during the course of your career.

Our goal is to provide you with a commanding competitive edge. Many of our ideas and concepts are proprietary and will not be mastered via any other source.

Phase 3: Preparation of Key Written Materials

In today’s competitive job markets, ordinary resumes are of limited value:

• Millions of resumes are in circulation but only 10% are read.

• Historical resumes are easily separated by resume scanning software.

• Decision-makers do not receive and read resumes.

Our Principles for Creating Resumes

Your  developed resume communicates a total feeling—certain skills, talents and personal qualities.

Your resume:

• Clearly presents your knowledge, experience and interests.

• Emphasizes distinctive assets while minimizing liabilities.

• Works within the Marketing Plan we have designed.

• Is prepared in draft form by our top-level writers.

• Draws on our wide knowledge of the different styles and formats.

• Awaits your final acceptance and approval.

Marketing Materials

Depending upon the Marketing Plan we have designed, you may require various types of written communications.

• For contacting decision-makers.

• For making initial contacts.

• For surfacing new leads.

• For follow up on interviews.

• For reaching influential people.

Phase 4: Market Research

• GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ has committed over 20 years developing and maintaining an up-to-date proprietary research resource for our clients. Individual research plans targeting companies, organizations and institutions by geographies, industry and size are submitted to Research. Researchers will generate target employers and do verification of the key decision makers. This procedure is followed for every client.

• We provide information on employers by industry, size and location
and identify the key decision maker.

• Based on your knowledge, experience and interests, we target
employers for you to approach and verify the key decision maker.

• Continual “events” occur in thousands of firms, which cause management to need new talent. Job openings are the result. Our researchers scan such events that are likely to indicate near-term hiring activity.

• We forward your credentials to active recruiters who are seeking prospective employees for their clients.

• We identify growth companies and emerging opportunities.

• Our research and consulting staff have compiled a unique file of current events that you can use to identify new companies, new products, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures and growth organizations. This is the most effective, and in some cases, the only way for you to penetrate the unadvertised job market.

• Services that provide company lists from the hundreds of available library and internet sources force job seekers to reactively spend hours of time and energy sending out resumes waiting for responses.

Phase 5: Ongoing Professional Assistance

• You can depend on our consultants to assist you on any matters relevant to your job search effort. This may include a review of interviewing strategies, help in selecting job offers, and advice on all matters of job search importance.

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ is committed to providing staff and resource support until you secure new employment, and to monitor your employment to guard against any interruption for the balance of your career.