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An explanation of our services
During the past twenty years, we have provided advantages to job seekers from virtually every industry and background.
These people include Presidents, Vice Presidents and managers as well
as recent grads, scientists and professionals. Our purpose is to provide an
integrated system of support so that our clients will achieve the maximum that their personal skills, work history and marketability will permit.
The following outline carefully explains in detail what we are able to do for
our clients.

1 Career Analysis Profile

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ Staff Will Gather And Evaluate All Key Personal Information
Even senior executives, accomplished managers and experienced
professionals find it hard to initiate a job search. The reason is quite simple. To
get started in any job campaign, the first step is to identify every asset that might
be of marketing value. Being objective about our own strengths and weaknesses
is a difficult, sometimes impossible, undertaking.
From the outset we recognize how difficult this can be and we use a
unique method for uncovering key personal information. After the initial
interviews, we will provide a unique copyrighted questionnaire. The information
we request is comprehensive and may be completed conveniently at home.
What would normally take days of extensive discussions is accomplished
at your pace. The material enables us to elicit penetrating insights into your work
history, skills and accomplishments. In answering the probing questions, you will
begin to learn a great deal about yourself and your potential.

2. Development of a Customized Marketing Plan
Consultants Will Identify Your Career and Industry Options
People who are at an employment transition point owe it to themselves to
consider all of their options, including alternative career paths, that may offer
better potential. Unfortunately, very few people can develop a full awareness of
these alternatives on their own.
We will therefore identify new types of employment that you may wish to
explore. Typically, this may include, in addition to advanced positions in your
field, some new concepts; for example: possible moves into new careers, frontier
industries, entrepreneurial situations, and growth opportunities.
This phase of our work can be very enlightening. This is especially true
because many people have “tunnel vision”; that is, they tend to think solely in
terms of what they have done before. People typically view themselves in one
career path, and perhaps in only one or two industries.
Some people who are specialized assume they are locked into one field.
Others hold the notion that there are few opportunities open to them because
they are generalists. The truth is that capable generalists are needed in almost
every industry, and the skills of specialists are often far more transferable than is
generally understood.
Today, people change careers all the time. Some make major moves
from government, education and the military to business. Others go from
engineering to sales, finance to administration, research to operations.
At the same time, people are moving between industries with greater
frequency. For example, forward looking executives are leaving traditional
industries and moving into light manufacturing, distribution, financial services and
hundreds of newer and faster growing areas.
Younger people frequently experience difficulty in getting their career off to
a meaningful start. We can help set career directions and industry targeting to
improve the prognosis for rapid future progress.
Our consultants will work with you to make these transitions more easily
and more realistically. They will be prepared to offer specific support and
recommendations each step of the way.

Professionals Will Assess Your Marketability and Income Potential
Over the years, we have found that most people have a tendency to
underestimate their marketability and income potential. This is because they
have a limited understanding of their own dollar worth: in either the short or the
longer term. What’s more, many also measure their income potential in terms of
what they are currently being paid. This can keep them from considering
positions with more exciting financial rewards, and can often block longer-term
career growth.
We do a careful assessment of your marketability and income potential to
make sure that you make the most of what you have to offer. This sounds very
simple, but people don’t recognize their key selling points or know how to
capitalize on them.
We can also analyze liabilities, such as being unemployed, having a
record of too many job changes, being in a remote location, being too old, not
having the right education, slow career progression, having single industry or
company experience, being too much of a generalist, etc.
In the course of our work, we have pioneered unique methods of
compensating for most liabilities. People rarely can do this themselves. It is also
possible to turn liabilities into assets. Our professional consultants have helped
clients accomplish this in many complex cases. The purpose of our work in this
area is to help you make the most of what you have to offer.

Your Primary Consultant Will Recommend Specific Job Search Goals
Once we have considered career alternatives and assessed your
marketability, we will then zero in on those directions that are the most
appropriate for your maximum career advancement. This will include
recommendations regarding types of companies, responsibility goals, titles, and
geographic areas that may be most suitable.

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ  Will Give You A Campaign Action Plan for Developing Interviews
When we have agreed on your personal goals, your marketability and your
opportunity areas, we will then lay out a step-by-step Campaign Action Plan.
This is an aggressive blueprint designed to enable you to develop the best
quality and highest quantity of interviews possible.
Over the years we have learned to be in control, job candidates should
conduct a thoughtfully planned marketing effort. Ideally, this means striving to
have numerous possibilities developing at the same time. Only then will you be
in a position to negotiate the best possible situation. This is not likely to happen
without a formally planned course of action and proper implementation.
The plan we develop for you will normally involve 7 to 10 different
channels for producing interviews. As part of this, we will indicate what should
be done in each channel as well as how, when and where.
Of course, we will take into consideration your own contacts and will
carefully develop ways to enable you to benefit from them. We will also advise
you on ways of building new contacts, an important part of most campaigns we

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ Will Help You Project Your Best Possible Image
Everyone has an image in the eyes of others. Some images are projected
instantly, and largely reflect appearance, posture, dress and speech. Other
images are subtler, and are projected over a longer period of time. In either
situation, few people really understand how to change or improve their images.
This is important because the people with the best credentials do not
automatically get the best jobs. Most of the time the winners are those who do
the best job of projecting their best possible image.
To help you in this critical area, we will provide you with a “communication
plan”, and advise you on how to best present your own personal style and image.
This will include what to say and what you should omit. As part of this process,
we recommend specific words and actions that will help you to communicate the
full scope of your talents to others.

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ Will Develop Your Complete Interviewing Strategy
Everything you do to get interviews will be wasted if you don’t convert
them to job offers. And yet, most people assume there is little they can do to
prepare for these very crucial meetings. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The fact is the smartest job seekers are always well prepared. However,
even the most experienced job seekers have not mastered the interviewing
process. Development of superior interviewing skill requires knowledge and
practice. As a general rule, we have found that once a person has secured an
interview, their eventual success is 20% credentials and 80% personal
presentation skills.
Accordingly, our interview preparation work is similar to that of a political
campaign manager. We lay out a plan, we provide a strategy, and we help you
master the whole personal selling process. You will learn sophisticated
techniques including our ideas on how to gain control of the interview process; on
how to handle stress interviews; on how to react when employers don’t call you
back; and more.
Finally, we will show you how you can optimize your overall effectiveness.
Control of the process starts before an interview even begins and continues after
it has ended. The confidence you project the questions you ask, the answers
you give, and the many things you must avoid doing are important.
Your Consultant Will Develop A Negotiation Strategy
In the employment world, millions of dollars are left on negotiating tables
all the time. This is income that people could have captured if they had known
how to negotiate on their own behalf. Because of its importance, a personal
negotiation strategy will be designed for you. It will include our techniques that
let you negotiate income based on what you’re worth rather than what you have
been earning, what should be negotiated, and how you can secure the highest
possible compensation package.
Fortunately, negotiation is a skill that can be learned. We will supply you
with many techniques which are simple to absorb and easy to apply. While you
can learn them in a minimum amount of time, they can have great impact on your
future over the course of your career.
We have no hard and fast rules on accepting job offers. However, if you
allow yourself to be bought at bargain rates, it won’t be long before you will be
unhappy. Because of this, we often advise against accepting the first offer that
comes along. Naturally, as people learn the finer points of negotiating, they get
better and better. The results can be astonishing, and winning just a few more
thousand dollars now can easily add up during the course of your career.
Our goal is to provide you with a commanding competitive edge. Many of
our ideas and concepts are proprietary and will not be mastered via any other

3 Preparation of Key Written Materials
In today’s highly competitive job markets ordinary resumes are of limited
value. In fact, because there are so many millions of them in circulation, a
routine resume can cause serious problems. To provide you with a further
advantage, we have developed a unique “bio-narrative” presentation. This is a
biography of you in a narrative form.
There are major differences between an ordinary resume and GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ materials. Typically, a traditional “old style” approach simply tells about your history. Your new materials, on the other hand, will communicate a total feeling about you: that you have certain skills and talents and can do things extremely well; that you have excellent personal qualities; that you are not like everyone else. For us to create an effective presentation of your best qualities, we first draw on our wide knowledge of the different styles and formats of resumes in use today. From there, top-level writers will create drafts. The resulting resume is
not just conceived as a door opener. It is designed to keep working for you after
the interview when it is circulated to other key people in the companies that are
considering you.
Naturally, any material we prepare for you will be shaped to work with the
Marketing Plan we have designed. Sometimes we write more than one resume
to present your credentials to different market segments. In our writing, we will
strive to present your most distinctive assets while minimizing liabilities, and
always projecting the right image. Our resume writing is of course prepared for
your acceptance and final approval.
Depending upon the Marketing Plan we’ve designed, you will need various
types of job search letters. Each can be of vital importance. Special letters are
normally required for making initial contacts, surfacing new leads, following up on
interviews and reaching influential people.
During your campaign, your tailored written materials can often be more
effective than your resume. They must be persuasive expressions of your
qualifications and the things that you can do. They must be crystal clear and
have a warm, dignified, yet cordial tone. Above all, the flexibility inherent in our
letters allows you to tailor them to fit different needs and opportunities.
No modern job search campaign is likely to be successful without carefully
prepared written materials for use before and after interviews. Our help in this
area makes a significant difference to our clients. Once again, this enables you
to gain a strong competitive edge.

4. Market Research and Advice on Employers
We Will Provide Information and Advice on Employers to
Consider by Industry, Size and Location.
Based on your background, we will isolate high probability target
employers for you to consider contacting, employers who are most apt to find
your qualifications attractive. We can also surface those types of employers in
which you have a high level of interest. These selected targets can be
approached in a number of ways depending upon your circumstances. These
selections will normally help to isolate the organizations, which can most likely
utilize your talents. When selection has been made it is imperative that our
researchers verify the key decision makers.
We Will Provide Information and Advice on Emerging Opportunities and
Growth Companies.
On a continuous basis, “events” occur in thousands of firms, which cause
management to need new talent. As a result of these situations, job openings
come into existence. To help you, researchers will scan events in search of
situations, which indicate likely near-term hiring activity. For example, during
periods of major expansion, record profits, new plant openings, new product
introduction, management changes, serious business problems, etc. When we
feel such information will be of help, we will provide it in your area of geographic
interest. When opportunity areas are uncovered and employers selected, our
researchers will again identify and verify the key contact person.
We Will Help You Identify Key Recruiters to Contact.
If you’re seeking an executive or professional position, your credentials
should be forwarded to the most active recruiters who are seeking prospective
employers for their clients.
Unfortunately, because there are so many recruiters, it can be very difficult
to identify and zero in on the organizations that will have the greatest probable
interest in your background. We will help you select those recruiters you should
contact based on your income, experience and geographical preference.
You Can Use Our Events File for Identifying Growth Companies and
Emerging Opportunities.
Our research and consulting staff have compiled a unique file of current
events that you can use to identify new companies, new products, acquisitions,
mergers, divestitures and growth organizations. This is the most effective, and in
some cases, the only way to penetrate the unadvertised job market. In reviewing
our newsletter, when you select an opportunity, our researcher wills verity the
key decision maker.

5. Professional Counsel during Your Search
You can depend on our consultants to assist you on any matter relevant to your
career efforts. This may include; a review of your interviewing experience, help
in selecting among job offers, and advice on other matters of job search
Our commitment is to provide implementation support until new
employment is secured and monitor new employment to guard
against any interruption for any reason.




Your confidence will increase and your lifestyle will change. If you are unemployed, we save you time and money because you will not have to explore the job market alone and without direction.

Increased compensation can often be the easiest objective. In a world of complex packages, stock options and perks, we want you to be equipped to negotiate packages tailored to your specific needs.

We design your campaign to be completed within 60 to 120 days—the average is approximately three months. Of course, complicated assignments can take longer. There is no perfect way to predict or guarantee the time frame, but we commit our support until you have secured proper employment.

The defining factor of your success is the quality of the situation you accept. Everyone at GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AZ will bring a rare dedication and commitment to you as a client to achieve that end.

For twenty years our system has worked for thousands of people just like you. When you enroll in our service, you expect to have a competitive advantage that you could not achieve on your own—and that is what we give you. The rest is up to your motivation and level of commitment.