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In 1980,the founders of Global Solutions investigated the available support forAmerican job seekers.  They found that:
• An active research-based support system for job seekers did not exist.
• Most of the best employment opportunities were not advertised.
• Employment markets were more competitive than ever.
The investigating team asked, “ What if job seekers’ abilities were marketed in the same way that million-dollar corporations marketed their products?”

Their answer was the incorporation of Global Solutions

Today’s Job Market
Finding employment in the current market depends on a proactive, strategically planned, research-based approach.

The economics of change continue with great acceleration. We can adapt to the change or stand helplessly on the sidelines.
The employment condition is continually changing as people are working to a greater age, developing record levels of competition.
Every month nation wide approximately 2,000,000 new jobs come into existence for professionals and executives. The equivalent number of persons distributing resumes is about 20,000,000 in that same month.

Without a competitive advantage job seekers will not be able to sustain maximal levels of employment nor have the ability to keep their compensation growing.

The truth is:

• You can no longer assume that an employer will reward your loyalty and hard work with lifetime job security. There is no more tenure.
• You must understand that keeping or changing a job is by design not by chance.
• You have to consider yourself as a ”product” with a certain value. A company “rents” your knowledge and experience for as long as you are valuable, then it shops for a new “product”.
• You must remain competitive whether you are under-challenged, under-employed, or looking for new employment.
• You must maintain an upward career path by continually promoting your skill set.

At Global Solutions, we discard old assumptions, while incorporating and using new strategies and techniques. We develop a job search that provides for maximum employment.