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Client Success

 Our services have been used by thousands of people from almost every walk of life including many corporate officers and senior executives, teachers, sales and marketing professionals, purchasing agents, accountants, scientists, engineers, administrators, plant managers, military personnel, lawyers, and new graduates.

A displaced oil industry executive found a lucrative and challenging
assignment in the Middle East within two months.

An unemployed teacher secured a position in an independent school
teaching gifted children. She negotiated her salary to a level paid to more
experienced teachers.

A career military officer obtained a marketing position with a growing transportation company in less than three months.

A public relations professional from Honolulu encountered an extremely tight market in her field. She secured employment as a program coordinator within eight weeks.

An executive with an industry leading office equipment manufacturer relocated to Phoenix only to find that his intended business investment soured. Within ten weeks he generated four potential offers in different industries and accepted one in the manufacturing and distribution sector.

A lawyer created a position for herself as a Customer Training and
Project Manager in a high tech company specializing in computer software. Campaign time was approximately 120 days.

A systems analyst from Hong Kong received three offers within two weeks of relocating to Phoenix.

A 54 year-old manager phased out by a company merger obtained a position as Manager of Technical Services with an international consulting company.